When buying OMGN tokens, your funds are pooled into our cryptocurrency fund specialized on cryptocurrencies with masternodes. With the help of our internal analytic tools, we select the best projects to invest in and maximize the growth of the fund.
The fund is focused on masternode coins to benefit from the reward system of  the technology, giving a solid advantage to our portfolio management strategy.

How are masternodes useful to investors?

Investors are incentivized with rewards for running a masternode. The system is really close to classical mining for other cryptocurrencies (the new coins are created through time), but there is no competition on who has the highest computing power, every owner of a masternode has the same dedicated power on the blockchain, which makes the process less energy consuming.

All masternode coins have different rewards systems inducing different expected returns on investments. The team and the project behind the coin will greatly impact the value and the rewards of the masternode.

In a way, masternodes are today what mining was few years ago. It’s a great way to generate passive income.

Current barriers for investors

The main incentive for running a masternode is the supposed stable and passive income it generates, however, it’s not entirely passive and there are a few barriers for any investor.

  • Setting up a masternode requires few technical skills and dedicated time in order to set up and manage the servers or update the wallets
  • For each masternode, there is a minimum capital requirement, the collateral
  • There are a lot of masternode coins and there is no simple way to invest in all of them
  • Due to the current volatility on altcoins, the market risk when investing on a specific coin is important
  • Some masternode coins generate rewards at a fast rate, creating hyper inflation and driving the price down
  • An investor has to constantly reinvest the generated rewards to not suffer opportunity cost and maximize the return on investment

The OmegaNode Index solutions

With the funds risen with the sale of the OMGN token, our team selects, sets up and maintains masternodes with the objective of generating the best return on investment for our investors. All the rewards generated for maintaining networks nodes are reinvested into the fund to increase its market value, making the price of the OMGN token, as an index of the fund, grow overtime.

Investor benefits

By investing in the fund via the OMGN token, an investor with limited time or technical knowledge gets a unique opportunity to benefit from the masternode technology by sharing a part of the rewards on the best masternodes on the market while diversifying its risks, without the collateral requirements, nor going through the steps of setting up or managing servers and wallets.

  • 100% Distributed to Investors
  • 0% Reserved Funding
  • 0% Founders and Team
  • 0% Advisors
  • 0% "Bounty" campaign
  • 0% Servers costs

Token distribution

Not a single satoshi from the initial investment of our investors must be used for anything else than setting up masternodes and collecting rewards.

This is why 100% of the tokens are distributed to buyers and will not be used for funding of the team, Advisors, “Bounty” campaigns, listing fees or server costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Net Asset Value (NAV)?

As a tokenized index, the OmegaNode fund relies on the OMGN token to represent its market capitalization and performance.

The Net Asset Value is the fair price for the OMGN token. It’s computed at any time by dividing the total value of the fund by the circulating supply of OMGN token.

How do you ensure that the token will be exchanged at its NAV?

Our team is providing all the necessary liquidity for the token.

Depending on whether investors want to enter or leave the fund, we sell or buy back the token to keep its value is as close as possible to the fairest price at any time. You can have more information about this process in the White Paper.

Where do I get OMGN token?

As of today, the token is only available to private investors. Feel free to contact us for more informations.

Who are the team members?

We are based in Western Europe. Our professionals have strong educational backgrounds in quantitative finance, risk management or computer engineering and experience with the traditional markets in various areas in the biggest banks of the old continent.

What is next?

Our next step is to list the token on an exchange, allowing anyone to enter and exit the fund easily. In the meantime, private investors can contact us for any inquiries.